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Healing Foot Massage Address

2605 South Decatur #213
Las Vegas, NV  89102
(818) 919-3318

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Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

OPEN seven days a week
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Southwest corner,
Sahara & Decatur,
facing Decatur

(2nd floor)

Services Offered

Therapeutic Foot $35/hr.


Welcome to the ancient Chinese tradition of health through reflexology.

Feet sore & tired? Have you been walking too much? Stop by for a great foot massage. This is a tradition that has been popular in China for centuries. Bring yourself (and your significant other) and let us give you a blissful hour of complete relaxation.

We have licensed asian therapists that are well trained to give you a cleanhealthful and therapeutic treatment. Start by soaking your feet in mineral flowered water, sit back and enjoy while we start with your head and your hands. Let us then finish the hour with thorough relaxing massage of your feet.  We specialize in intense therapeutic foot massage for various body ailments.  Take a look at the reflexology charts on the menu above to see what the many benefits can be.

Be careful. Foot massage can be addicting.







We have the best 

reflexology therapists

35 / hour











Reduces stress

Promotes health

Improves circulation

Oxygenates your body

Nurtures relationships

Balances your body

Stimulates creativity

Removes toxins